ゴキンジョコミュニティとは、ネット上で表現に興味がある人同士が交流できるコミュニティです。 絵の練習から今日の晩ごはん・運動記録まで、みんなの生活に寄り添える居場所を目指しています。 出入りは自由ですのでお気軽に覗いてみてくださいね!

Gokinjyo Community is a place where people interested in creative expression can interact online. From practicing art to sharing daily meals and exercise routines, we aim to provide a supportive space that accommodates everyone’s lifestyle. Feel free to drop by anytime as entry and participation are open to all! While Japanese is currently the primary language, individuals who speak other languages are also warmly welcomed.

◯ 参加費:無料
◯ プラットフォーム:Discord
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